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We're a new comunity centered around the relationship between Fai & Yuui Flourite.

Feel free to post anything FaiYuui centered. Icons, fic, art, graphics are all welcome.


- Membership is open to everyone.
- There have tags for everything, but if there is something that was missed, please contact a mod.
- You can advertise new communities ( Please send a PM about what you would like to advertise)
- No wank people. You'll be warned. After three warnings you will be banned. (unless wank is severe in which you will be banned immediately)
- If warnings are needed, please be sure to post them.
- You can post other pairings as long as Fai/Yuui are somehow involved. (ex: Fai/Kuro/Yuui, Fai/Yuui + Yuui/Syaoron)
- Keep all doujinshi, links to doujinshi, fanart websites, manga scans, anime/music upload in Friends Locked posts.
- Please keep all large pictures and all fanfiction under an lj cut.

Most of all let's have fun people. <3

CLAMPkink | kurofaiyuui | flourite-twins

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